Footballers have one of the most physical jobs in the world. Question comes that how they wash smelly football boots when Roughly 600 calories consume as midfielders cover a typical running of 10.5 KM per game. The quicker you run, the more warmth your body starts which turns the body to produce more perspiration which is the principal supply of the smell in the boot. In this blog setup, you can not only learn how to wash stinky football boots but also that how can you prevent your boots to be stinky, go through this article!

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Reasons for smelly boots

The middle rationale in boots smelling comes from your foot sweating. As the sweat and clamminess immerse the boot’s texture, microorganisms and creatures thrive in the power and clammy conditions. By washing your feet reliably with an antibacterial cleaning soap you could kill microorganisms and the smell that goes with them.

Wearing shoes and socks trap sweat and scaled-down animals, from time to time intensifying the foot. Microorganisms acquire according to your perspective, socks, and your pores, and skin. The microorganism copies, consuming the pointless pores and skin cells and oil which might be to your feet. As the microorganism isolates, it conveys a foul scent.

The essential driver of rotten feet is gotten sweat. Your feet cause a lot of sweat consistently since they have a large number of sweat organs. Right when the sweat becomes gotten according to your viewpoint or socks, it can make a horrendous smell. This is known as Bromodosis or rotten feet.

Microorganisms are moreover responsible for spoiled feet. There are various kinds of microorganisms on the lower part of your feet. These minute life forms live off the sweat that your feet are consistently conveying. Right when they feed on sweat, the infinitesimal life forms make a destructive that causes foot fragrance. Then its your responsibility to properly wash smelly football boots.

Exterior washing for smelly football boots

Before starting on subject cited below, it is suggested to follow football boot manufacturer’s recommendation regarding cleaning of your boots.

A well-maintained outdoor boot must be cleaned at least as soon as a month if not more often depending on the type of boot and the environment wherein it will likely be used. When acting as a boot wash, be sure to ease all of the crevices and regions around the boot’s hooks and laces. Boot washing is an essential step to preserve your boot looking pleasant and remove a few types of odor. By using a good outside boot wash, you could put off all of the dirt, dust, and particles that have constructed up on the boot through the years. This may maintain your boot searching it’s first-rate and make it scent true too!

When your boot is included in mud, snow, or other dirt and grime, it’s time for an intensive exterior boot washing. No longer handiest will this help put off any built-up dust or grime, but it’ll also make your boot look neater and brighter.

The purpose of this paper is to provide a guide on how to properly wash the exterior of a boot.

Remove laces from shoes, take a tub of water and put laces inside the tub. There should be sufficient water in the tub to dip the laces.

When we think how to get rid of smelly boots laces, there is always in mind to find the suitable solution for dirty laces as how dirty and smelly they are. We divide into three categories as these may be lower, middle and strong stinky boot laces.

For dirty and low stinky, take a warm water in a tub. You may use one tablespoon dish washer liquid in one litter of water. Use a spare toothbrush to dismiss any caught-on debris. Keep your laces in tub for half an hour. If shoelaces needs extra shine, put one more spoon of liquid washer and some extra time required to be placed in tub.

Purge the laces until the brightness of any stuck-on particles is, take it out and hang for dry.

For dirty and middle stinky laces, put laces in tube filled with one litter of warm water. Use one tablespoon of detergent in tub. Apply used tooth brush to get dirt out of laces. Submerge your laces in the tub for half an hour. Apply your hands and take dips in water tub to clear out laces. Hang and dry your laces.

You may use bleach for white laces but keep in mind that put your laces in tub for approximate five minutes when using bleach and bleach is not recommended for colorful laces. Only for white laces bleach may be used to get better result.

For dirty and strong stinky laces, make a paste of baking soda using water with 1:1 ratio. For example take five tablespoon of baking soda and five ounces of water. Dip the laces completely in the paste. Let then put the laces for about 20 minutes. You may use spare tooth brush to remove a lot of dirt or any stuck-on junk.

Take out insole of the boot. Pic your boots in hand and hit each other to get mud down to earth. Remove debris from lower portion of the boot including gross using screwdriver, Nylon brush or wooden stick and to detach dirt from upper part of boot spare or used tooth brush may be used.

Use detergent in warm water to clean the insole, let it dry for overnight.

Put a suitable detergent in a tub of water and dip your shoes for half an hour approximate. Take your boots out of tub, apply good quality fiber cloth as you need a fresh look as well. Leave your boots in a sun shine or open atmosphere for a while for dryness.


It is preferable to use hair dryer with fresh air. Dryer with hot air is not recommended as it reduces the life of boot. Make sure your shoes are completely dry before reusing it.

Interior washing for smelly football boots: Tips

Always take out insole out of the boot during interior treatment of boot. Again we have divided into three categories of stink, low, medium and strong.

FOR LOW STINK: – Wash smelly football boots

Tip # 01

Material Required: TEA BAGS

Fill your boats with Tea bags and leave it for twelve to eighteen hours. These will absorb moisture and odor inside the boot. Take out tea bags from your boot, you will feel good. Better result is achieved if we use more tea bags inside the boots.

Tip # 02

Material Required: COFFEE BAG

Fill your boats with coffee bags and leave it for twelve to eighteen hours. These will absorb moisture and odor inside the boot. Take out coffee bags from your boot. Coffee bags are more effective as compared to tea bags.

Tip # 03

Material Required: NEWSPAPER

Fill your boats with newspaper and again leave it for twelve to eighteen hours. These will absorb moisture and odor inside the boot. Take out newspaper from your boot, you will feel good result. This method is most popular.

FOR MEDIUM STINK: – Wash smelly football boots

Tip # 01

Material Required: LEMON PEELS

Cut the lemon to get the peels. Fill lemon peels inside the boot.

Leave it for twelve to eighteen hours. Take it out from boot. Use piece of clothes inside the boot with hand, dry it well and then reuse it.

Tip # 02

Material Required: CAT LITTER

Take few spoon of cat litter and wrapped in a tissue paper. Put it inside the boot.

Leave it for twelve to eighteen hours. It will absorb the moisture inside the boot.
Take it out, you will feel the difference.

Tip # 03

Material Required: BAKING SODA

Put one to two table spoon on the insole of the boot. Insert it into the boot. Leave it for twelve to eighteen hour. Take the insole out of boot. You may wash the insole as described above.

FOR STRONG STINK: – Wash smelly football boots

Tip # 01

Material Required: SNEAKER BALLS

Put sneaker balls inside the boots. Leave it for fourteen to eighteen hours. Take the balls out of boot.
These are available from sports shops.

Tip # 02

Material Required: COFFEE BEANS

Fill the boot with coffee beans and leave it for twelve to eighteen hours.
We know that coffee contains Nitrogen that helps to absorb orders from the air and neutralizes the smell.
Take coffee beans out of boot and use the boot.

Tip # 03


Take a piece of clothes approximately that is fit inside the boot. Now prepare lemon juice in a cup. Dip piece of clothes into cup so as it may absorb all juice. Put piece of clothes inside the boot. Leave it for twelve to eighteen hours.


  • Clean your boot on daily basis.
  • Clean your socks on daily basis
  • Clean your feet on daily basis.
  • Replace insole of boot keeping in view the condition of the insole and smelling on it.
  • Apply Baby Talcum powder in foot toes.
  • Do not put socks inside the boot after playing football.
  • After cleaning put your boot and socks in open fresh atmosphere.
  • Do not use boots and socks until they are completely dry.

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