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Pure Football: 1 The Ultimate Soccer Affiliations and Associations

Millions of people enjoy football games as Football is a beautiful game emphasizing skill, technique, and creativity. Football is an excellent form of exercise that helps to improve skills.

Football is a game that can help individuals to develop social skills like communication and leadership.

It has been observed that we can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by playing Football. Playing Football is not only good for physical health but also enhances mental agility as well. Hard work and dedication teach individuals to be successful in their areas of life. By playing Football, you realize the skill of teamwork and discipline, and you feel fit as a sophisticated community member.

In this article, we will learn the things associated with pure Football because it may be a fashion of Football that celebrates imagination, expertise, and excitement and has created a few of the foremost essential minutes within the sport’s history.



The FA( football association) was formed there on 26 October 1863, a Monday evening. The captains, secretaries, and other agents of a dozen London and rural clubs playing their claim forms of football met “for the reason of shaping an Affiliation with the question of building up a clear code of rules for the direction of the game.”

2- Union Of European Of Football Association(UEFA)

Over the years, FA has significantly improved and popularized football in England and worldwide.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is European football’s authoritative and controlling body. It comprises 55 part affiliations, each of which is dependable for overseeing football in their individual nations.

3- The Federation Internationale de football association (FIFA)

The Federation Internationale de football association is the international governing body of association football. FIFA is responsible for governing football and developing the game worldwide.FIFA was established in 1904 to provide solidarity among national soccer affiliations.

FIFA manages the  Football world cup. The last word cup was played in Qatar in 2022, and Argentina was the FIFA champion. The Women’s world cup will occur from 20 July 2023 to 20 August 2023.


  • 01- Malta Football Association
  • https://mfa.com.mt
  • 02- VAFA | Victorian Amateur Football Association
  • https://www.vafa.com.au
  • 03- Scottish Football Association
  • https://www.scottishfa.co.uk
  • 04- Gibraltar FA/ Gibraltar Football Association
  • https://www.gibraltarfa.com
  • 05- Walking Football Association England
  • https://thewfa.co.uk/
  • 06- Royal Belgian Football Association
  • https://www.rbfa.be
  • 07- The England Amputee Football Association
  • https://www.theeafa.org
  • 08-Nepal Football Association
  • https://the-anfa.com
  • 09- British American Football Association
  • https://www.britishamericanfootball.org
  • 10- Northern Suburbs Football Association
  • https://nsfa.asn.au
  • 11- Japan Football Association
  • http://www.jfa.jp 
  • 12- Chinese Football Association
  • https://www.thecfa.cn
  • 13- The Wheelchair Football Association
  • https://thewfa.org.uk
  • 14- UAE Football Association:
  • https://www.uaefa.ae
  • 15- The World Freestyle Football Association
  • https://thewffa.org
  • 16- Jersey Football Association
  • https://www.jerseyfa.com
  • 17- Football Association of Singapore
  • https://www.fas.org.sg
  • 18- Hampshire Football Association
  • https://www.hampshirefa.com
  • 19- Hong Kong Football Association
  • https://www.hkfa.com
  • 20- Manly Warringah Football Association
  • https://www.mwfa.com.au
  • 21- Galway Football Association
  • https://galwayfa.ie
  • 22- Football Association of Finland
  • https://www.palloliitto.fi
  • 23- Northern Areas Football Association
  • http://www.nafape.co.za
  • 24- Andover Football Association
  • https://www.andoverfootball.org
  • 25- Independent Schools Football Association
  • https://www.isfa.org.uk
  • 26- Southern California Football Association
  • https://www.scfafootball.com
  • 27- Citadel Football Association
  • https://www.thecitadelfootballassociation.com
  • 28- Irish Football Association
  • https://www.irishfa.com
  • 29- Shropshire Football Association
  • https://www.shropshirefa.com
  • 30- Macarthur Football Association
  • https://macarthurfootball.com.au
  • 31-Ukrainian Association of Football
  • https://en.uaf.ua
  • 32- Cyprus Football Association
  • https://www.cfa.com
  • 33- Sutherland Shire Football Association
  • https://shirefootball.com.au
  • 34-  Israeli Football Association 
  • https://www.football.org
  • 35- Guernsey Football Association.
  • https://www.guernseyfa.com/
  • 36- Football Association of Ireland
  • https://www.fai.ie
  • 37- Argentine Football Association
  • https://www.afa.com.ar
  • 38- European Powerchair Football Association
  • https://europeanpfa.com
  • 39- Mid-States Football Association
  • https://www.mid-statesfootball.org
  • 40- West Wales Football Association
  • https://www.wwfa.org.uk
  • 41- Metro Youth Football Association
  • https://www.metroyouthfootball.com
  • 42- Bermuda Football Association
  • https://www.bermudafa.com
  • 43-Maple Grove Youth Football Association
  • https://yfb.mgyfa.com
  • 44-Fiji Football Association
  • https://www.fijifootball.com.fj
  • 45-Bahamas Football Association
  • https://bahamasfa.net
  • 46- National Football Association of Swaziland
  • http://www.nfas.org.sz
  • 47-Nepean Football Association
  • https://nepeanfootball.com.au
  • 48-Edina Football Association
  • https://www.edinasports.org
  • 49-Football Association of Malawi
  • https://fam.mw
  • 50-North Wales Coast Football Association
  • https://nwcfa.pitchero.com
  • 51-Girls United Football Association
  • https://www.girlsunitedfa.org
  • 52-BDSFA
  • https://bdsfa.com
  • 53-South African Football Association
  • https://www.safa.net
  • 54-Football Association of Indonesia
  • https://www.pssi.org
  • 55- All Nepal Football Association
  • https://the-anfa.com


  • 1- Pakistan Football Federation
  •   www.pff.com.pk
  • 02- International Federation of American Football
  • https://americanfootball.sport/
  • https://uk.fff.fr
  • 04- South Asian Football Federation
  • https://saffederation.org
  • 05-Bangladesh Football Federation
  • https://www.bff.com.bd
  • 06-Saudi Arabian Football Federation
  • https://www.saff.com.sa
  • 07- World Ampute Football Federation
  • https://amputeefootball.org
  • 08-The Asean Football Federation …
  • https://www.aseanfootball.org
  • 09- The Philippine Football Federation
  • https://pff.org.ph
  • 10- All India Football Federation
  • https://www.the-aiff.com
  • 11- Football Federation of Armenia
  • https://www.ffa.am
  • 12- Turkish Football Federation
  • https://www.tff.org
  • 13- East Asian Football Federation
  • https://eaff.com
  • 13- Georgian Football Federation
  • https://www.gff.ge
  • 14- Kazakhstan Football Federation
  • http://www.kff.kz 
  • 15- Central Football  Federation
  • https://www.centralfootball.co.nz
  • 16-West Asian Football Federation
  • https://the-waff.com
  • 17- Youth Football and Cheer Federation of America
  • https://www.federationfootball.com
  • 18- Federation Rwandaise de Football Association
  • http://www.ferwafa.rw
  • 19- Football Federation of Macedonia
  • https://ffm.mk
  • 20- Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran
  • https://www.the-afc.com/en/central/islam_republic_of_iran.html
  • 21-Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Federation
  • https://www.nfsbih.ba
  • 22- Croatian Football Federation
  • https://hns-cff.hr
  • 23- Bhutan Football Federation
  • https://bhutanfootball.org
  • 24- Tanzania Football Federation
  • https://tff.or.tz
  • 25-Guyana Football Federation
  • https://www.guyanafootball.org
  • 26- Football Federation of Belize
  • https://www.footballfederationbelize.com
  • 27-Nigeria Football Federation
  • https://www.thenff.com
  • 28- Kazakhstan Football Federation
  • http://www.kff.kz


Football leagues play a significant part in organizing and overseeing proficient football competitions. They give a system for groups to compete against each other in an organized and organized way, with set plans and directions overseeing player qualification, conduct, and competition rules.

Leagues offer assistance to guarantee that groups are coordinated against adversaries of relative aptitude levels, which leads to more energizing and competitive matches. They assist in making sense of community among fans and players alike, with supporters taking after their group throughout the season and creating competitions with other groups.

Moreover, leagues allow players to exhibit their aptitudes and compete at the most elevated level, with the significant, influential groups regularly gaining profitable prizes, prestige, and worldwide acknowledgment. This will assist in drawing in the leading players from around the world, making a different and gifted pool of ability that makes a difference in raising the quality of play.

Football League comprises different clubs, groups, divisions, and members that organize matches of similar standards.



EFL was established in April 1888. It is a league of proficient football clubs from Britain and Wales. It was the best-level football association in Britain till 1992. Twenty-two clubs participated in creating the Premier League.


NFL was established in April 1889. It is a men’s football league in northeast Britain. It is considered as second oldest League in the world. It comprises two divisions, division one and division two.

For more detail, visit the link.


It was founded in 1891. It is the oldest association exterior Great Britain. It manages top clubs in Argentina. 


It was established in 1895 and known as Blegiab pro league. It is one of the oldest associations in continental Europe.


It is the Italian Soccer League that was established in 1898. It is also known as the Lega Series A and is considered one of the most prestigious leagues in the world.


It was founded in 1898 and organized by IFA (Indian football association). It is expressed as a football league in Asia.


It was established in 1898 and is considered one of the most prestigious leagues in Switzerland. It comprises twelve clubs that provide a platform for players to exhibit their aptitudes and compete at the most elevated level.


sr#known asLeague Nameweb url link
1EFLEnglish Football Leaguehttps://www.efl.com
2NFL.comNational Football Leaguehttps://www.nfl.com
3IFLIndoor Football Leaguehttps://goifl.com
4NFYLNational Football Youth Leaguehttps://www.nfyl.co.uk
5USFLUnited States Football Leaguehttps://www.theusfl.com
6PFLPerth Football Leaguehttps://www.perthfootball.com.au
7USAFLUnited States Australian Football Leaguehttps://usafl.com
8AFFLAmerican Flag Football Leaguehttps://www.affl.com
9SMJFLSouth Metro Junior Football Leaguehttps://www.smjfl.com.au
10CFL.caCanadian Football Leaguehttps://www.cfl.ca
11CEFLCentral European Football Leaguehttps://www.european-league.com
12NWCFLnorth West countries football leaguehttps://www.nwcfl.com
13NEFLNew England Football Leaguehttps://nefl.us
14NFL.orgNorthern Football Leaguehttps://www.northernfootballleague.org
15PL.comPremier Leaguehttps://www.premierleague.com


Forums are online discussion platforms where people can express their ideas, ask questions, and participate in debates about various topics.

Forums allow users to organize with others in their field or industry. This may lead to work openings, collaborations, and organizations. Organizing gatherings can offer assistance to people to grow their proficient circle and construct their reputation.

One of the most benefits of football forums is that they give a platform for fans to specify their conclusions and share their information about the diversion. Users can discuss different viewpoints. 

There are different discussion forums; a few web Links are listed below;

  • 01- https://www.footballforums.net
  • 02- https://www.thefootballforum.net
  • 03-https://talkfootball365.com
  • 04-https://www.myfootballforum.com
  • 05-https://tfforum.org
  • 06-https://www.readytogo.net/smb/forums/pure-football.86/
  • 07-https://www.redcafe.net › Forums › Football Discussion
  • 08-https://www.persianfootball.com › football-forums
  • 09-https://www.thekeyplay.com › forums › football-forum
  • 10- https://www.onetouchfootball.com


Football bloggers are frequently specialists within the field, with profound information and understanding of the wear. They can give significant bits of knowledge and investigation different perspectives of amusement. By sharing their skill, football bloggers can contribute to the more extensive footballing community and offer assistance to teach and inform fans.

Football blogs can assist in the formation of communities based on shared interests. Fans can interact with one another, express their ideas and opinions, and become friends with those with a similar love for the sport. This can build a sense of connection and community among football fans.

  1. https://footballblog.co.uk
  2. https://www.footballromeo.com
  3. https://blogs.usafootball.com
  4. https://outsidewrite.co.uk
  5. https://www.footballfancast.com
  6. https://mypersonalfootballcoach.com
  7. https://barcelonafootballblog.com
  8. https://www.footballparadise.com
  9. https://blog.forzafootball.com
  10. https://thefootballletter.com
  11. https://footballindenmark.com
  12. https://www.football.london
  13. https://thisisfutbol.com
  14. https://www.footballmanagerblog.org
  15. https://www.footballflick.com
  16. https://www.soccerblog.com
  17. https://football-italia.net
  18. https://footballforfuture.org
  19. http://www.globalfootball.com
  20. https://www.soccerautoblog.com
  21. https://topsoccerblog.com
  22. https://soccerwhizz.com
  23. https://indiasoccerblog.com
  24. https://realsoccerblog.com
  25. https://soccerhandbook.com


Guest posting is a content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) approach that entails authoring and publishing articles or blog posts on another person’s website or blog. It works by giving you the opportunity to contribute high-quality content to another website in your niche.

By publishing your content on another website, you introduce yourself to a new audience that is unfamiliar with your brand or website. This allows you to broaden your reach and boost your visibility.

If you are a football blogger then the following websites are helpful to drive web traffic to your site/blog.

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  4. https://worldfootballweekly.com/write-for-us/
  5. https://footystats.org/news/write-for-us/
  6. https://footyanalyst.com/write-for-us/
  7. https://footballmanics.com/write-for-us/
  8. https://www.sports-star.co.uk/write-for-us/
  9. https://www.discountfootballkits.com/blog/write-for-us/
  10. http://www.footballtarget.com/write-for-football-target/
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Pure football Playstation Games

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions – Pure Football

“Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions” is an exciting sports game that brings the iconic anime series to life on the gaming screen. This game, developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, features exhilarating gameplay, amazing graphics, and fascinating stories.

Tsubasa Ozora, a gifted teenage football player with dreams of becoming a world-renowned athlete, is the protagonist of the game. As players continue through the game, they will face a variety of opponents, refine their talents, and construct their squad to become football world champions.

“Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions” provides hours of intense gameplay for fans of the series and sports games alike, with a range of game modes including Story, Versus, and Online Play. Players can also customize their teams, characters, and strategies to meet their playing styles and preferences.

Madden NFL 23 – Pure Football

Madden NFL 23 is the most recent chapter in the popular Madden NFL brand, developed by EA Tiburon and released for PlayStation systems. This game provides an exciting football experience by immersing players in the world of professional football and allowing them to control their favorite clubs and players.

Madden NFL 23 brings the passion of football to life like never before, thanks to new innovations such as the Dynamic Gameday system. The Dynamic Gameday system incorporates new aspects such as home-field advantage and momentum, which make each game feel more genuine and immersive. Furthermore, the game has stronger AI, more realistic animations, and better graphics, resulting in a totally immersive football experience.

Super Soccer Blast – Pure Football

Super Soccer Blast is a fun soccer game for the PlayStation that lets you play quickly, like an arcade game. This game, made by Unfinished Pixel, takes you on a trip through different stadiums and competitions, where you’ll face players from all over the world.

Super Soccer Blast puts you in charge of your team’s future with easy-to-use tools and bright graphics. You can choose from a wide range of teams and players, each with its own strengths and flaws. And with modes like Quick Match, World Cup, and Custom Cup, there’s always a new task to take on.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 – Pure Football

The famous soccer video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, or PES 2019, was made by Konami and is available on PlayStation. The game has a lot of new and exciting features that make it a must-play for football fans. It has advanced game mechanics, beautiful images, and a lot of new and exciting features.

One of the best things about PES 2019 is that the player animations have been updated, making the game feel more real and engaging. The shooting method has also been changed, giving you more control over the ball and making it easier to hit the goal.

PES 2019 has a lot of different modes and choices for players to choose from, as well as a better way to play. The game has classic modes like Exhibition and Master League, as well as new modes like MyClub, which lets players build their own teams and play online against other players.

FIFA – Pure Football

FIFA is a very popular sports game on PlayStation and for a good reason. FIFA is the best football game because it has the most accurate graphics, the most immersive gameplay, and the most ways to customize it.

In FIFA, players can pick their favorite teams and players from all over the world and fight in exhibition matches, career modes, and online multiplayer. With advanced artificial intelligence, each player on the pitch moves and acts just like their real-life rival, making each match feel like a real-life football match.

Players can also make FIFA their own by making their own teams and logos and by changing the settings and amount of difficulty. And since FIFA is updated and gets new content all the time, there is always something new to find.

FIFA for PlayStation has something for everyone, no matter how serious a soccer fan you are or how much you just want to have fun and get into a game. So grab the controller and get ready to play football with the best players in the world in FIFA.

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