When we think of Sunday, we think of a day of rest after a busy week, and it is a good time to re-energize and enjoy a slower pace of life because it allows us to pursue activities that bring us joy and fulfillment.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the world of the Sunday Football League, where the excitement of the beautiful game combines with the pleasure of friendly rivalry. 

Amateur players from various walks of life come together on dreamy Sunday afternoons in this world to display their talents, establish friendships that will last a lifetime, and embrace the ethos of football played at the grassroots level.

The recreational football (soccer) competition known as the Sunday League gets its name because most games occur on Sundays. Although similar amateur leagues exist in other countries, the phrase “Sunday League” is most widely used in the United Kingdom (UK). In other countries, the Leagues may have a different name.

Most people have the weekends off from work or school, making it a convenient time for them to participate in leisure activities. Because of this, the organizers of these leagues have decided to hold their critical games on Sundays. 

Football games scheduled on Sundays, traditionally considered a day of rest and leisure, allow people to enjoy the sport without interfering with their obligations during the other six days of the week.

Teams participating in the Sunday Football League are typically comprised of amateur players, groups of friends, or coworkers. 

These individuals play the game for the sake of having fun and enjoyment rather than as professional athletes. 

These leagues typically offer a less competitive setting and are more welcoming to players of all ages and ability levels, which is why they are so popular.

They allow individuals to participate in competitive football outside of professional or organized youth systems, which helps build a sense of community and camaraderie among those participating in the activity.

In this article, we will review some of the Sunday football leagues.

Southern Sunday Football League (SSFL)

In 1944, as the Second World War drew close, the Southern Sunday Football League was established as a competitive amateur league. 

The Bull’s Head in Clapham Old Town was the organization’s first-ever headquarters. 

The league relocated its administrative offices to the Old White Horse pub on Brixton Road in 1960, remaining there for 20 years.

The South Shore Football League (SSFL) remains one of London’s most well-known men’s 11-a-side leagues. We were recently recognized as the London FA Grassroots League of the Year and achieved FA Charter Standard Status. 

Both of these accomplishments are monumental for the league, and we are overjoyed that the diligent efforts of our league committee members, member teams, and match officials have been acknowledged.

More information can be taken from the Facebook page of the Southern Sunday football league. The link is given below


Southern Sunday Football League-related news, fixtures, tables, and stats can be found through the link below; https://fulltime.thefa.com/index.html?league=3545957.

Barnet Sunday Football League:

Barnet Sunday Football League, also known as BSFL established in 1966 and comprised 08 divisions, 09 cups, 79 Clubs, and 2K plus players.

The Barnet & District Football League was established in 1966. THE BLACK BULL PUB in Whetstone served as the headquarters.

Barnet Sunday Football League Divisions;

Football divisions exist in many sporting organizations, such as leagues or associations. 

The primary function of these divisions is to oversee and administer all elements of football within the organization. 

This entails organizing competitions, scheduling matches, maintaining rules and regulations, processing player registrations and transfers, assuring fair play, and promoting the sport.

There are 08 divisions in Barnet Sunday Football League.

1- premier division

2-championship division

3-Division one

4-Division Two

5-Division Three

6-Division Four

7-Division Five

8-Division Six

Barnet Sunday Football League Cups:

Cups give a venue for teams to compete and demonstrate their abilities. They bring together elite teams from various leagues or areas to test their skills and determine who is the greatest. 

Winning a famous football cup is a beautiful accomplishment that can help a team’s reputation. They build a feeling of identity, form strong bonds among supporters, and have the capacity to bring entire nations together.

Football matches frequently offer spectacular moments that remain etched in the minds of both players and fans. 

Major football festivals get a lot of attention and have a significant economic impact.

There are 09 Cups played in Barnet Sunday Football League.

1- Roger Jones Senior Challenge Cup

2- Junior Challenge cup

3- Premier cup

4- Intermediate cup

5- Junior cup

6- BSFL Shield

7- Charity Shield

8- Richard Martin Memorial Cup

9- Invitational Cup

How to contact Barnet Sunday Football League:

You may contact Barnet Sunday Football League via Link below.


Further, here is the list of different leagues commonly known as the Sunday Football League

Sussex Sunday Football League

East Herts Corinthian Sunday Football League

Metropolitan Sunday Football League

Medway Area Sunday Football League

Rotherham and District Sunday league

Ipswich Sunday football league

Burton Sunday football league


1- Why is Sunday League Called Sunday League?


1- The term “Sunday League” distinguishes these recreational leagues from professional or semi-professional leagues that play on other days of the week and include higher-level competition.

2- “Sunday League” refers to amateur football (soccer) leagues generally occurring on Sundays.

3- Sunday league football is a term primarily used in the United Kingdom to refer to the amateur football competition on Sundays.  

2- Can a Sunday League team enter the FA Cup?


According to the football association rules, All The clubs participating in a Sunday League sanctioned by The Association or an Affiliated Association are eligible to enter the Competition; however, any Club’s application to participate in the Competition may be rejected by the National Game Board.

3- Can you get promoted from Sunday League?


The amateur variant, Sunday Football League, is separate from the English football league system. These leagues are self-contained entities with no promotion.

4- Are Sunday league games 90 minutes?

 ANS: A classic football game lasts 90 minutes and is divided into two 45-minute halves.  This time frame has become a worldwide standard.

5- Do you have to pay to play for the Sunday league?


1- The financial requirements for participating in a Sunday league vary based on the League and its rules. The local community or amateur groups frequently organize Sunday leagues and charge registration or membership fees to support the costs of running the League, such as field rentals, equipment, referees, and administration.

2- Other costs may be incurred, such as purchasing team clothes or donating team money for travel or social activities. These extra fees will differ based on the team and its specific arrangements.

3- It is essential to contact the organizers or representatives of the Sunday league you wish to join to learn about the specific financial commitments and any associated expenses. They can offer you accurate information on the costs associated with league participation.

6- What is the lowest league to enter FA Cup?


1- The FA Cup is a prominent event in English football that is available to teams from all levels of the English football system. The extra preliminary round, the first stage of the competition, is the lowest level at which teams can enter the FA Cup.

2- The additional preliminary round features teams from the English football system’s lowest-ranked leagues, such as local amateur and semi-professional Leagues. These leagues are frequently referred to as football’s “grassroots” level. The specific divisions and teams eligible to enter the FA Cup at this stage may vary from season to season, as teams must match the Football Association’s (FA) standards and qualifications.

3- The FA Cup allows lower-ranked teams to compete against and potentially upset higher-ranked opponents, which is one of the reasons it is recognized for its magic and underdog stories.

4- All clubs in the top four divisions are automatically eligible. Clubs from Levels 5-9 are also eligible if they participate in the FA Trophy or win the competition in the current season.

7- How many subs are in Sunday League?


1- The amount of substitutes permitted in Sunday league matches varies depending on the league’s unique rules and regulations.

2- Many Sunday leagues allow a more significant number of substitutes to accommodate the amateur nature of the competition and to allow more players to compete.

3- It is essential to study the specific regulations of the Sunday league you are interested in or contact the league administrators to establish the exact substitution.

8- How many Sunday League teams are there in London?


There is no exact data about the Sunday League in London. However, there are approximately 6-7 Sunday League in London. 

9- Why is soccer played on Sunday?


  There is not one particular reason why soccer is played on Sundays; instead, several reasons contribute to the general use of Sunday as a regular day for matches across various leagues and tournaments. Here are a few likely explanations:

1- Sunday has traditionally been a day off for many people around the globe.

2- Many football clubs and facilities, particularly at the grassroots level, may have limited playing fields and facilities available.

3- Broadcasting corporations frequently favor weekends, particularly Sundays, for live football programming due to more considerable viewership potential.

10-Do football scouts watch Sunday league?

ANS: Football scouts attend county games regularly to uncover new talent.

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